New Look for Spring

I thought it was time for a new look to the Blog, so I’m going to try this one for awhile.  What do you think?

I owe so many people pictures of bunnies that they are interested in.  I worked out in the rabbitry all day yesterday and am disappointed that I can’t really tell that I did anything!  I moved a couple of stacks around, which of course meant cleaning them and burning off any wool that was attached (I use a small hand propane torch to burn off the angora wool that can be so stubborn to get rid of).  The trays were soaked in vinegar to get rid of the calcium build-up.  Dishes were sterilized in iodine based udder-wash.

Then last evening, as the girls and I were finishing up chores, Abby mentioned that Brady didn’t want his bottle.   Now, that is a clue that something is not right.  Brady is the little buck goat bottle baby.   He was laying down, but seemed OK – was chewing his cud.  I was taking care of one of my rabbits, when I started to hear a cry once in awhile.  It was Brady.  His tummy hurt.  He was bloated.  I had the girls get me a collar and leash as I was going to try and walk him as I was fearing Colic (like what happened to Delta).  Walking didn’t work, as he couldn’t.  I held him on my lap and the girls and I massaged his belly.  This did bring up some of the gas, but it was too late.  He died quickly on my lap.  It was so sad.  Both of the girls were crying.  I don’t understand why this happened.  In our 5 years of raising goats, we’ve never lost a goat to something like this (only pneumonia with a young kid).   He was fine yesterday morning – sucked his bottle down like a crazy goat, as usual.    I grained them all as usual.  He’s never been one to woof down the grain, but I suppose it could be Over-eating Disease, but he did get his first CD&T shot (hadn’t given the 2nd one yet).  So, I don’t know.  I’m going to change up the grain that I’ve been feeding.  It’s the only constant between the two incidents (besides the hay).    Anyone have any experience with this before?