Abby Does Well at NIRSEF

Saturday (March 5th) was Abby’s 13th birthday.  And what a birthday it was.  She spent the day sequestered at the Notre Dame Stepan Center for the Northern Indiana Regional Science & Engineering Fair.  This was Abby’s fourth year attending (she’s in the 7th grade this year).   She did incredibly well!  Six awards, including a $10K scholarship to Bethel College and the top Physical Science Project in the Junior Division (middle school).  So, Abby will be attending the state science fair, to be held in Bloomington, IN this year.

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First Baby Goats of the Year!

JuJu Bean surprised me with a little buck kid when I walked into the barn yesterday afternoon.  He hadn’t been born long – was just trying to stand on his tottering legs.  I ran into the house, grabbed an old towel and ran back out to the barn out with it so I could dry him off more.   A few minutes later, I looked up and JuJu was pushing out another kid.  I broke the sac around it’s face and saw that one leg was forward (like it should be) but the other was back.   All she needed was a gentle pull and she came right out.  A little doe.

Giraffes join guests at the breakfast table in African hotel – Telegraph

Giraffes join guests at the breakfast table in African hotel – Telegraph.


How cool would this be?!


I REALLLLY dislike this time of year here in Michiana.  It’s just too darn cold… for bunny breedin’ and birthin’ anyway.  My barn is not heated and so when it is cold outside, it’s cold inside.  I’ve had a terrible time getting does bred or bucks even interested in trying to breed.  They just aren’t ‘into it’ when the temps are below 30 I’ve noticed.

Then, I found a cold litter this morning.  Which is particularly irritating since I trotted out there at 4:30 am to check on her and there was nothing.  Then again at 7:00 am.  Nothing.  Then at 9:30am.  Dag nab it.  I was so po’d.

Well, hope things are going better for you in your barn!

Pet Holland Lops Available!

Available pet bunnies can now be seen on their own page “Available Pet Bunnies”.

If You Love Baby Animals…


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I found this website the other day and have ‘liked’ it on facebook.  It’s pretty cool.  This is the post from this morning about a baby Potto  born at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Potto’s are primates and never exceed 1.5 kg (3 pounds 5 ounces).

Zoo Borns

Then, if you look under “Rabbits” you will see some ultra cute pictures of a rescued wild bunny.

Spring Show Hopefuls

My youth friend Kariah came over Thursday and helped me get some pictures taken.  There are still several litters I haven’t gone through yet, so more pictures to come.  What do you think?

KKR's Brayley. Tort Buck. This was a joint breeding with Kairah - her doe and my buck, Broo's Chase, who I've since sold.

GBF's Cloudburst. Sable Point Buck. An L&R SnowBoy son. He has been chewed on, so he looks ratty right now.

KKR's Ebony. Tort Doe. Another joint breeding with Ki. I get to keep Ebony and her brother Eli below. Both sired by L&R SnowBoy.

KKR's Eli. Tort Buck.

GBF's Gobi. She is part of my Chocolate Project. I know she looks like a broken orange, but she is not an Agouti. So, she is either a Broken Chocolate Tort or Lilac Tort.

GBF's Gobi.

GBF's Kachina. Tort Doe. Love her bone.

GBF's Kisbey. Tort doe.

GBF's Niagra. Broken Tort Doe.

GBF's Niagra.

GBF's Pendleton. Chocolate Tort Buck.

GBF's Zaynee. This little doe went home with Ki, as she was from a joint breeding - my doe, her buck.

GBF's Spalding. Tort Buck. He looks silly the fur missing from his face! SOLD already - Good luck to Jessica.

GBF's Quincey. Also living with Ki - another joint breeding.

GBF's Stellar. REW Doe.

GBF's Kennedy. Tort doe.

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