Open Does, Turkey for Dinner

Well, I just went through my list of Senior Does and I only have five that are open right now (of the ones I’m wanting to breed).  Now to figure out who their best matches might be:

White River’s Kenya (Black) – she’s gorgeous – just needs a more massive head.   She missed on my first try of breeding her.   Decided to breed her to White River’s Troy.

RA’s Capsaicin (Red) – was bred to ARR’s Angry Squirrel (REW) for Abby’s science project.  He was still on the young side when we did that breeding, so I’m not surprised things didn’t happen.  Will repeat the breeding.

GBF’s Tahlia (Tort) – I thought I bred her, but can’t find my notes!  Ahhh.  I hate it when that happens.  Now what to do…

White River’s Cora (SS) – thought I had bred her also to GBF’s Caden (carries REW or sable gene)…  where is that piece of paper!!!   Got one live kit from this same cross that I fostered to Triskit – and of course, it’s black (so far anyway).

GBF’s Cadee (Tort) – Poor Cadee.  Her first litter and she had a stuck kit.  She pushed all day and finally at 10:00 pm had delivered it enough that I could pull it.   She is out of White River’s Arden x THF Saynora’s Antigone.   She has a substantial body but lacks in the crown, so need to fix that.  The plan was to breed her back to Arden, but that can’t happen now.   So, Plan B.   I think we’ll go with WR Troy.

GBF’s Carmen (Black) – not quite senior yet, but want to get the ball rolling on her.  Breeding her back to her sire.

Have some does due:

Freeman’s Cocoa is due tomorrow.  I don’t know… she’s not acting like she’s gonna have babies.  Did see her in the nestbox this evening though.  I’m still not very good at palpating – I don’t feel any babies in her.  But, I’ve been wrong before.  She was bred to White River’s Dino.

Hunneshagen’s Salome (EA) is due Sunday.  She has been carrying hay around in her mouth for over a week now.  I gave her a nestbox early so she could start building her nest.  Oh, the hair is flying.  This is the first time I’ve bred her, so I hope all goes well.  ELS Mr. SandMan is the father-to-be.

GBF’s Topeka is due the 3rd.  She missed the first time I bred her.  She was bred to her littermate brother, Tobias, so we’ll see what happens – trash or treasure.  Man, she sure is grouchy!  And has a big ol’ belly going on.  Gave her a nest box today and she hopped right in.

Little Bit is the spunk-meister now.   He is still in the house with one of Baron’s kits and one of Charlee’s.  When I open the cage door, he is right there ready to hop out.  He is ALLL about his carrot at night, let me tell ya.  Cute little cuss.

Turkey Business

We took 8 of our largest Bourbon Red turkeys into the butcher this week (but not Tom or his two ‘girls’).  I baked one tonight for dinner.  Yum.  Fresh turkey.  We had 24 total running around.  So, now we are down to 16.  I want to keep 2 toms (including “Tom”) and 3 hens over the winter (including the 2 hens from last spring).  That way each of the girls can take a pair to the fair next year.  I’m keeping an extra hen ‘just in case’.   So, that gets us to 11 birds that we will take in around Thanksgiving.

Turkeys are the oddest creatures.  Whenever anyone comes up the drive, they come rushing out to see who it is.  They seem to be particularly fond of the UPS man!  It’s like they are the Welcoming Committee.  People who are not used to turkeys are a bit frightened, as they do look and sound fairly imposing when all the tom’s are displaying and gobbling.  When I go out in the morning to do chores, they come tearing towards me, making all their funny noises… where’s our food… where’s the grain??  Have you ever seen a turkey run?  It’s kind of like watching Jurassic Park.  🙂


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