It’s a Beautiful Day

Ah.  Sixty degree’s and sunny.  Bliss!  So, why am I sitting inside typing a blog entry?!  Well, there are a few updates to make.

Our ‘goat buddy’ Chad called yesterday offering bottle babies if we wanted them.  He had several does drop triplets and one doe had quads over the weekend.  With the number of goats he has, he can not afford to keep that many babies on a doe, so he keeps the two nicest and offers the others to people as bottle babies.  Abby and I went over after she got home from school to pick out one.  Should have known better!  We ended up bringing home two – a doe and buck.  Both are little Boer goats.  The doe is SO tiny.

Abby was determined to bottle feed the doe by herself and Haley took on the buck.  Well, the little doe, latched right on and didn’t have any problems at all.  Sucked her bottle right down.  The buck, though…. well, he would prefer to starve to death and cause deafness in your ears from his crying.  The same thing happened this morning when I went out to give them their bottles.  The little doe dutifully guzzled, and the little buck let it run down his face.  He will figure it out eventually!

Izzy is recovering very well, thank goodness.  She is perky and eating like a machine.  Whew.  So far, so good.  I’ll be glad when I can stop jabbing needles into her thigh muscles though.  Ouch.

Cinnamon went down last week.  She did something to her hock and can’t stand up very well.  She is on medicines to help reduce the inflammation and pain.  We had to pull her triplets off from her, as they were using her as a  balance beam.  They are NOT happy campers right now.  They are in a separate pen and can see mom across the way, but can’t get to her.  Oh, the noise and crying going on out there.  I have been rotating one baby in with her at a time to nurse.  They are so funny.  They cry that they aren’t with mom.  But when I take them to mom, they look back at their siblings and cry because they miss them.  Then they look at mom and cry.  What to do.   All three can not be with her at once, because they literally topple her over.

Mr. Tom the Bourbon Red turkey has been a bit high-n-mighty lately.  He has found an interest in his two lady friends and is a firm believer in protecting them against anyone and anything under 5′ tall.   Haley and Abby are not very fond of him right now, since he likes to stalk after them.  But,  I’m very happy because I found their first eggs this morning!!  Six of them on top of the straw pile.  So, obviously the two hens have been laying for a few days.  Now I get to crank up the incubator and hope for little poults.


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  1. Stacey
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 13:53:52

    Hey Gina,

    Glad to hear all is going good with the goats! Was worried for awhile you poor thing! Glad your girls & you have been healthy! Because you had to be nurse gina for awhile now! Thanks again for this weekend and helping ki get all situated! She does really adore you, you mean alot to her. She really liked the e-mail you sent to her about who to breed and what you would maybe get. She’s trying to still understand the letters she thinks she will get it eventually. Happy St.Patrick’s day! Stacey Pippenger


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